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By Pat Hammond

A Little Help for Your Tech and Style Woes


When you work in the corporate world you have an IT department to handle all those tech challenges - computers, software, and data security. It all seems so easy when the guy from IT shows up, plugs in a few cables, taps a few keystrokes and says "Okay, you're all set." But when you're on your own one of the first things you notice is that all that tech is a little more complicated than it looks. Especially nowadays when everything we do is on a computer or in the cloud.

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive, IT tech Joe Tauras from Team Logic IT will be on hand to talk about software, hardware, and those pesky ransomware viruses. We're also going to be sharing a major announcement about a new podcast.

I'm also going to be joined by featured guest Sharon Jensen from Embrace Your Wardrobe.

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