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By Pat Hammond

When was the last time you looked at your calendar and said "Wow! I get to make sales calls today"?

I always say that the number one complaint I hear from small business owners is that they hate networking, but the underlying cause of their disdain is the fact they really hate the idea of sales.

Between the old cliche about the slimy used car salesperson and the real fear of rejection, it's no surprise that the average small business owner has a hard time warming up to the idea they have to actively go out and make a sale.

But what if I told you that your idea of what makes a good salesperson is all wrong?

What if I said a good salesperson:

  • Leads with conversations instead of pitches
  • Asks questions and listens to answers
  • Understands the value of building relationships that will open the door to new conversations and referrals

No, I'm not crazy.

In fact, I've found a local resource that can help you let go of your fear mindset and embrace a proven professional sales technique that will make selling as easy as having a cup of coffee.

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