Puppy Love: 4th Annual Pro Image Automotive Pet Food Drive

by Pat Hammond on Monday, October 26, 2015

4th Annual Pet Food Drive -- Save 5% With a Donation!

When you bring a new pet item to Pro Image Automotive's shop, they will give you a 5% discount on most auto services and repairs*.

My grandfather always said that when you bring an animal into your home, you treat it like a member of the family.

It doesn't matter if it's a cat, dog, gold fish, farm animal or family pet, our animal friends have the same needs as we do when it comes to food, shelter and health care and it's our responsibility as their caretakers to provide it. This is a sentiment that the staff at Pro Image Automotive takes to heart.

Since 2012 Pro Image Automotive has been proud to run an annual pet food drive that has collected more than 1700 pounds of pet food and supplies to benefit the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter.

  • cat supplies
  • dog supplies
  • general supplies

They collect the supplies for the shelter to give to families so that they can keep their pets. It's a win/win for everyone! Families get to keep their pets, and the pets get to stay in a loving home. To thank you for your donation, Pro Image Automotive is offering a 5% discount on most services when you bring an item from the list to their shop. (see flyer for details)

The Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter is a non-profit shelter where animals can find a warm bed, food and medical attention while they are waiting to be adopted. According to their website, they have "provided shelter, medical care, and spay/neuter services to every animal that has come through their doors" and have placed over 20,000 animals in new homes since 1996. That averages out to almost 1,000 animals a year in their care. With that many cats and dogs passing through their doors, you can understand how important it is to keep family pets with their humans, even when times are tough.

They collect the supplies for the shelter to give to families so that they can keep their pets.

Sadly donations to this year's Pro Image pet food drive are down. According to Christine Marie, Customer Intake Manager and food drive organizer, while they had previously seen a steady increase in donations over the past four years, this year's response has been flat. "The first year we received 300 pounds of supplies, in 2013 we had 565 pounds and last year people donated 841 pounds." She points to the display at the front of the shop. This year's goal is 900 pounds of pet food and supplies and after almost a month, not even a day's worth of supplies has been collected.

Pro Image pet food drive - donations

She's not sure what's going on. In previous years people have brought in cases and trucks full of donations, but this year there have only been a few people bringing one or two cans at a time. People don't seem to have the money these days, but she is hopeful that with gas and oil prices down people will find that they're not spending as much for heat as they did last year and maybe they will be able to bring in a few cans of pet food.

Christine is holding on to that 900 pound goal and is extending the offer an additional month to November 30th.

If you would like to contribute to the pet food drive stop by Pro Image Automotive, 254 Sheffield Road, Manchester. The shop is open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

For more information about the pet food drive please visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/proimageautomotive?fref=t... or contact Christine at 603-644-8480.

* for more information about supplies needed and services covered by discount, please contact Pro Image Automotive at 603-644-8480