Tools & Resources

I'm trying to make things a little more centralized, so that you don't have to search through a hundred articles every time you want to find a tool or download.

Here are links to most of the downloads and resources mentioned throughout the site. Let me know if I missed anything or if you want to share a new tool or resource. I can be reached through the contact form or by email at

Pat Hammond

PS: I'm a bit of an open source junkie, so whenever possible I lean towards the free and/or budget friendly options. Nothing on this page should cost more than $50 and most of these resources are free or have a free option that lets you make use of the most important features.

Business Canvas Templates

There's no secret that I love planning. Here are a few blank templates and completed samples for some of the Business Canvas Templates I've built.

Mentoring/Business Planning Resources

Alpha Loft - Many free and budget-friendly services including support groups, training, mentoring.

NH District Small Business Administration - Free online tools, articles, and links to partner resources.

NH Small Business Development Center (NHSBDC) - Free online tools, budget-friendly mentoring & business advice.

SCORE: Merrimack Valley Chapter- 6/19/19 No longer recommending - see 3 Strikes and You're Out - Why I Gave Up on SCORE

Center for Women & Enterprise - Free and budget-friendly classes and workshops.

Veterans Business Outreach Center for New England - Free resources for veterans, active duty service personnel, and their spouses interested in starting or expanding their own business and include information about how to start a business, business planning, funding, and other general business topics.

Live Free and Start: Live Free and Start is a collaboration between the Governor's office and the private sector. They offer many free resources for local small business owners looking to start or grow their business in the Granite State. This is a great resource for anyone looking to prepare for or seek outside funding.


Time Management Systems

The Pomodoro Technique (the method I use at QCB)

GTD - David Allen's Getting Things Done system

QCB 2018 Weekly Planner - Free planner download to help you organize & manage goals, projects, next items, meetings, and tasks 

Note Taking/Project Planning

Note: there are dozens of platform and device specific apps for note taking and project management. My criteria are that the program needs to be budget friendly and work no matter which device I'm using.

Evernote - no option for Linux, but it works on most phones

Google Drive

Zim - this one might be a little geekie for some people, but I like it because I can keep it in Dropbox and use with pretty much any OS

Trello - this doesn't offer offline access, but even the free version has a ton of tools for collaboration and project management

XMind - I've used a lot of mind mapping programs, but I chose XMind because the free version XMind has tons of features and they have versions for almost every operating system

Project Libre - a free, open source desktop alternative to MS Project

Glip - an online project management/collaboration platform

Premium Project Management with Free Options

These three premium platforms offer a free tier, but they tend to limit the number of projects or lack some of the more useful features like dependencies, instant messaging, and video chat that are available in the paid version.



Zoho Projects

Graphic Design


Canva - super easy way to quickly make infographics, slides & social media headers using online templates, free and paid version


Inkscape - opensource alternative to Adobe Illustrator for creating svg graphics, many features including static and animated slide decks similar to PowerPoint & Prezi -- this is now my go to program for graphic design

LightZone - opensource alternative to Adobe Lightroom for Windows/Mac/Linux for photo processing and organizing images.

Gimp - opensource alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It does most of the things that Photoshop does, you can even use PS brushes, but it lacks the polish and finesse. I use it when I have to, otherwise I still cling to Photoshop.

Misc. Software

Office Suite

Open Office - Tired of paying for Microsoft's office suite? Try this full-featured alternative. I find Open Office & Libre Office to be excellent alternatives for everything except Excel. Their basic spreadsheets are great, but if you need advanced functionality nothing beats Excel.

Libre Office - this is a fork of Open Office, it offers many of the same features and has a very similar interface. I use Libre but they are generally interchangeable.

Misc. Online Tools

Event Promotion - The calendar is the result of a collaboration by New Hampshire's media to create a free centralized curated community calendar for all of the state's sports teams, non-profits, businesses and community groups to share their upcoming events. - Eventbrite is a free online promotional calendar where you can post or find events.  There is a paid version for people who want to sell tickets, please see "How much does it cost for organizers to use Eventbrite?" for details.

Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite - Hootsuite is an online tool for scheduling and posting social media content to multiple platforms.  The free version limits you to 3 social media profiles and 1 user, which is generally enough for the average small business.

Paid Search Society - An online mastermind group for mastering paid search marketing.  The group is membership based, but their site has many tools and articles with valuable information about Google and paid search.


Apps to Connect App

These services will help you connect online apps & tools like Evernote, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Basecamp, etc... With the exception of Taskclone all of these services offer a free version that should meet most needs.








Remember the Milk

Taskclone - This is the only service on this list that does not have a free version. I am including it because it is easy to use and provides connections to over 40 different apps at a price that should suit most budgets. (6/29/16 current rate for Plus $14.95/year, Premium $19.95/year, Business $24.95/year)

Cronofy - This one is limited to creating calendars