All You Need to Know About Human Resources, And It's FREE!

by Pat Hammond on Wednesday, March 07, 2018


Check out this FREE resource for your business!

The primary goal of Queen City Buzz is to connect you to the people, information, and resources you need to start and grow your business in the Granite State, and this week, I've got a phenomenal find from Spectrum Consulting that does all three. It's a live webinar series that covers a full range of essential human resource topics like hiring, insurance, and current event topics such as harassment, and it's absolutely FREE.

Yes, I said free.

Now in its fifth year, Spectrum's monthly webinar tackles tricky questions like The Top Ten Icky, Sticky People Stuff Problems – Ugh, they never end, Stealing at Work – Investigation strategies, and regular human resource topics such as Managing your workers’ compensation carrier – YES, you are going to manage them!, Managing Remote Workers, and OSHA and my staffing employees? Not my problem!

I stumbled upon this fabulous resource last October when I was doing research on leadership and I was completely wowed.

I've attended a lot of webinars and online training courses and my experience has been that online presentations aren't always polished and informative, even the expensive ones, but after attending one of Spectrum's webinars, I have to say they nailed it.

Spectrum exceeded my expectations for production quality, content, and delivery by providing a well-thought presentation that hit all of the key points and left me with action items I can use in my business.

The webinars are 60-minutes long and the format is a standard presentation with the opportunity to ask questions. Content is geared towards HR professionals, small business owners, and managers and the webinars do qualify as credits for both SHRM and PHR certifications.

That last point is a major win for HR professionals looking for PHR or SHRM certification credits.

Many qualifying human resource training programs have a substantial price tag and require you to take a day or two away from the office to attend training, but Spectrum's webinars are both free and on-demand. It's better to attend the live presentation so you can ask questions, but the webinars, including all past webinars, are available 24/7 so you can watch them on your schedule.

As for why Spectrum provides this quality resource for free, it's smart business.

The webinars deliver additional value to their existing clients and are a great marketing vehicle to let potential clients meet their team and learn first-hand the depth of knowledge and experience Spectrum can bring to their business.

And if the webinars aren't enough, Spectrum also offers an HR Hotline to answer your pressing human resource questions.

Spectrum Consulting HR Hotline 866-533-3947

According to Jessica LaPaglia, Talent Acquisition Manager at Spectrum, the HR Hotline is a great option for business owners looking for quick answers to their human resource questions. The cost is $25 for a 15-minute session and is usually enough time to answer general questions and help people find the resources they are looking for. She says they will also take your questions by email at and guarantee a confidential response within 24-hours.

In addition to the webinars and quick response hotline, Spectrum Consulting offers a variety of consulting and HR Staffing services tailored to the needs of small business clients. 

  • Customized Training Programs for Supervisors

  • Harassment Training/Investigations 

  • Workers’ Compensation Case Management/Safety

  • Leadership Development

  • HR Outsourcing and Staffing

Whether you have one contract employee or a hundred full-time staffers, human resource mistakes can be a devastating financial nightmare for a small business owner.  Why not be proactive and take advantage of a free resource to learn more about how Spectrum Consulting can help you prevent a tricky, sticky situation before it happens?

For more information about Spectrum Consulting, please visit their website or given them a call 866-533-3947