Episode 18: How to Save Money & Have Fun With Inkspot NH & Out of the Box Tours

by Pat Hammond on Sunday, January 15, 2017

What do you get when you mix wine, chocolate, ghosts, and toner?

Would you believe a boat load of savings and a whole lot of fun?

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know about you but I am super excited about 2017. I spent the last couple weeks networking and I am on overload at this point. I'm bouncing off the walls and running around like a lunatic and it's driving my husband and everyone else around me a little nuts.

One of the things that got me so excited is that we are kicking off the new year with not one, but two guests on this month's edition of Live from the Hive, Tammy Downing from Out of the Box Tours and Mike Lynch from Inkspot NH.

Tammy Downing is one of those high energy people that make you want to jump right in and join the fun. Stayed tuned for some sneak peeks and details about some of her upcoming tours and maybe she'll give us a few insider tips on finding the hidden gems when you travel.

  • wine and chocolate tour — Saturday, January 14th, February 11th, March 11
  • ghost tours — next tour is Tuesday, March 28th
  • custom tours

Also this month, Mike Lynch is going to share how he can save you 30% on your ink and toner, give the facts about remanufactured vs. OEM cartridges, and help you keep all those old toner cartridges out of the landfills.

  • save money
  • less than 2% defect rate
  • no shipping/delivery fee
  • stays in the community
  • 100k cartridges from local land fills

He's been in business for over 11 years so I'm thinking he must be providing the best product and service.

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To reach Tammy Downing and Out of the Box Tours:

To reach Mike Lynch and Inkspot NH:

email: InkSpotNH@gmail.com or call 603-490-1311