How to Be Superhuman with Body Fusion FitClub

by Pat Hammond on Monday, October 01, 2018


Become superhuman with one 30-minute workout a week - That's all it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

The first thing Body Fusion FitClub owner John Hardwick will tell you is "30-Minutes once a week is all the workout you need" to achieve optimal health.

It's a heck of a statement from a man with bulging biceps, but he's serious. So serious he's built an entire business around the concept.

Tucked into 2000 square feet of prime mill space, Body Fusion FitClub does not feel like any gym I've ever been to.

The focus of this boutique fitness club is training, recovery, and healing. And the overall feel of the room is relaxation.

On the day of my visit, filtered sunlight reflects a mellow glow off of the old brick walls as a handful of people sneak in a mid-day workout.

There's no loud music, no ker-thunking of weights, they don't have rows of treadmills or spin bikes and there is no sense of competition.

I'm told it's quite busy early in the morning and after work, but right now the room has a calmness.

Hardwick is quick to point out they are not a gym. "We are a first of our kind human performance facility with a blend of fitness training, recovery, and healing services."

They take a holistic approach to well-being.

Therapy rooms for neurofeedback training, sound and light therapy, and infrared sauna treatments are discreetly tucked away from the main gym area while two state-of-the-art adaptive resistance exercise training (ARX) machines rub shoulders with oxygen training, a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) station, and a classic cross-fit zone.


There is no "gym membership." They do have a referral program and to keep costs in check, they offer month-to-month services with discounted custom packages and a la carte pricing so members never pay for services they don't use.

The first stop for most people is the free 3D body scan and assessment where three cameras take 40-seconds to create a personal avatar that measures:

  • body fat
  • lean body mass
  • balance
  • posture

These key fitness markers provide a more accurate assessment of fitness than a basic scale and measuring tape and are typically updated once a month while you're training.

Fitness programs are custom designed by Hardwick based on the individual's goals and include one-on-one training. The system can accommodate any skill or fitness level from elite athletes doing sports training to weekend warriors looking for a better way to train and recover. They even have protocols for seniors and people with osteoporosis.

bodyfusion5.jpgI can see how oxygen training, neurofeedback, PEMF, and other therapies can work for the people at the extremes, the marathon runners trying to improve endurance and performance and older clients looking to retain bone density and balance, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of only working out 30-minutes a week.

Hardwick says the ARX machine provides adaptive resistance. However hard you push, the motorized machine matches your resistance so you're always working out at your peak level. This makes your workout more efficient and less likely you'll experience injury.

The ARX also maximizes your workout by providing negative resistance.

Traditional weight lifting is based on how much you can lift but doesn't account for the fact that most people can lower much more weight.

The ARX adapts the resistance so you are always lifting and lowering at maximum capacity.

Depending on your fitness goal that means you can work out 30-minutes or less once a week and get the same or better results than doing 2 - 3 sets of each exercise 3 - 5 times a week.

Hardwick says in this case, less is more.

Body Fusion FitClub differs from a regular gym because they place just as much emphasis on healing and recovery as they do exercise.

He points out most exercise programs focus on strength training and don't take into account that it takes 3 - 4 days to truly recover from a workout.

Oxygen therapy, PEMF, and the infrared sauna offered by Body Fusion all work to flush toxins, repair cell damage, and increase blood flow to improve your mental and physical performance. They give your body the tools it needs to fully recover and minimize your risk of injury.

He says 30-minutes a week with the ARX combined with 20-minutes a day of fast walking and your choice of recovery therapy is all it takes to reach your fitness goals and maintain optimal health.

Body Fusion FitClub is a good choice for anyone who struggles to find the time or motivation to work out. Between the one-on-one training and the emphasis on healing and recovery, they offer fantastic options to help you not only build a strong, healthy body but Improve your overall well-being.  And you don't have to take my word for it. 

Body Fusion FitClub offers a FREE consultation, workout, and recovery session.  All you have to do is fill out their contact form and set up time.  


Body Fusion FitClub is located at 55 S. Commercial Street, 2nd Floor West Wing, Manchester, NH

For more information about Body Fusion FitClub you can find them on Facebookvisit their website, or contact them at 603-232-9002. 

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