Let the Evolution Begin

by Pat Hammond on Thursday, April 18, 2019


It took a few months longer than I expected, but I think I finally wrapped my head around where Queen City Buzz is going...

Before I say anything else I want to thank you for your patience. I know I haven't done a great job with keeping people informed about what was happening at Queen City Buzz.  There are a lot of valid reasons and a few believable excuses, but as my grandmother used to say, it only takes five minutes to pick up the phone and check in. And I didn't. 

Which brings me to the evolution. 

Queen City Buzz originally started as a platform for my web design clients and other local business people to share their expertise and information about their business.  We had five contributors, weekly and monthly podcasts, events, and links to essential business resources. 

Over the years Queen City Buzz adapted to a changing market. I dropped the podcasts and extended coverage to Concord and Nashua. I included arts and the tech sector, and added tools and features to the point where it became an unpaid full-time job. 

I was knee deep in production and oblivious until someone pointed out that Queen City Buzz had lost its focus.

That was the trigger that started an eight-month journey that saw me launch the NH Business Guild and start a formal relationship with Manchester Ink Link. 

It took longer than I thought to wrap up projects and contracts with my existing web design clients, but I am happy to say that today starts the new and improved Queen City Buzz. 

Going forward the blog will focus on living and working in Manchester. 

General business topics, resources, and any business topic outside the Greater Manchester area will be posted on NH Business Guild. If it's something Manchester-specific it will be on Queen City Buzz or Manchester Ink Link.  (I'll link it to Queen City Buzz when that happens.)

The blog will return to its roots with general content about the living and doing business in Manchester and I hope that I will see more people contributing content.  

We're quickly rolling into FITN, the city is still in the throes of the opiod crises, and our business community is growing at a pace that probably hasn't been seen since the late 1800's. 

There's no doubt that the city has problems, but people are invested in solving them.

Queen City Buzz's stated goal is to "connect people, information, and resources" and it's time for me to get back to doing that.