Manchester salon has the cure for your summer hair blues

by Pat Hammond on Friday, July 05, 2019


Erica Sowa, owner of Tower of Curls, styles client's hair


Whether you’re taming the wave, fighting the frizz, or just frazzled by out-of-control curls, Erica Sowa, owner of Tower of Curls & Beyond, is here to show you how to tame your wild locks, no matter how hazy, hot and humid it gets.

Tucked away on the 6th floor of the Wall Street Tower, this boutique salon at 555 Canal St. is a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Manchester.

And when I say hidden, I mean it literally.

They are open six days a week, but hours are by appointment only and while parking is free, you can’t just walk up to the door.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a secret knock or password, but you do have to book ahead and visit the ground level concierge to access the elevator which adds a layer of exclusivity and mystique to the experience.

And have no doubt, a visit to Tower of Curls is almost a spa experience.

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