By Pat Hammond

May: Week 2 Notes

Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of business and networking events lately?

I called last week a "light" networking week, but this week is no better. It might even be worse.

It's okay for B2C businesses, they just need to know the common interests of their desired customers and find activities and events where they will congregate, but the poor B2B people are stuck. Unless you are trying to make a connection with one particular decision maker, or the person who can put you in touch with them, doing a hike, going to the dog park or trying salsa dancing isn't going to help your networking efforts. Or will it?

There is always value in expanding your network, especially to people outside your normal channels. It may not be obvious, but the people we meet socially, the ones who share a common interest but work outside our industry are the very people who give us powerful insights into how to improve our offering. They're also the people who freely mention our name and hand out our business card when they meet people who need our products and services.

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