Weekly 1-Liner #49: State Your Intentions

by Pat Hammond on Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Original Eyes to Eyes photo from Eszter Szöllõsi on freeimages.com

Sometimes things aren't that obvious...

Do you know what is at the root of most problems? It's lack of communication.

We make assumptions based on our own internal monologue and get frustrated when the people around us don't get it.

Whether you're talking to a client, your partner or your 10-year old, save yourself some aggravation and make sure that you clearly articulate:

  • who you are
  • what you want to do (or expect from them)
  • how you're going to do it (or want it done)
  • how much it's going to cost (or how much you want to pay)

I know these bullets sound familiar, but the same questions we answer in our business plan can be reframed to make everyday conversations much more clear and productive. Define who you are, what your expectation is, how you do things and what you're willing to pay.

When you take the time to state your intentions your conversations will go much more smoothly.