What About the Roundup?

by Pat Hammond on Thursday, April 18, 2019


Changes to Weekly Roundup

There is no doubt that the Weekly Roundup is Queen City Buzz's most popular resource. The problem is that even when I limit it to just the Manchester metro area it takes me an entire day, sometimes a day and a half, to research and write. 

Imagine losing almost a quarter of your work week to something that doesn't generate revenue. It's not sustainable. 

I had already talked with Manchester Ink Link about doing a monthly roundup featuring two or three key events, but that leaves a lot of networking opportunities on the table. 

So starting next week I'm going to try a new format. Instead of me spending an entire day trying to find events, I'm asking you to share your events with me. 

The deadline is 5:00 PM every Wednesday and all you need to do is email me at buzz@queencity.buzz or fill out this event form

This is very much a work in progress.

It's possible I won't hear from anyone. But it's also possible that your event could lead to a story or feature on Queen City Buzz, Flackery, or Manchester Ink Link. Considering the point of most events is to attract customers, promote products, and ultimately make sales, it seems like it's worth your time to tell me about your event.

If you have any questions, please contact me at buzz@queencity.buzz

Pat Hammond

Editor and Queen Bee at Queen City Buzz