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By Daryl Eames

We’ve all been there. When we were handed our first AdWords account to manage we said, “I got this! I’ve been reading about all the best techniques and optimization strategies, and I have my Google AdWords certificate. Piece of cake.” In which I promptly spent half of my budget overnight on an ill-conceived broad keyword. Whoops.

Like any new talent, mastering Google AdWords is something that takes time and practice. It’s a hard skill to teach without hands-on practice.

Are you still trying to navigate the complex maze that is Google AdWords? Learn from those who came before you, and avoid making these six costly rookie mistakes.

Mistake #1: Blowing your budget by using the wrong keyword match types

Oy, there’s nothing worse than setting up your account, feeling confident, only to wake up to a drained budget that got sucked up by one or two keywords that were set too broad. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Broad keywords can be so appealing to add to a campaign because of the traffic volume they bring in, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right.

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