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By Pat Hammond

Join NH Business Directory and small business benefits expert Tim Hirsch from Planstin for a Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: How to Compare Insurance to Find the Best Price & Coverage

Warning! Blatant self-promotion ahead!

I meet a lot of small business owners and people who work for small businesses and the one thing they all have in common is the need to find their own health insurance.  

Obamacare did a great job protecting people with critical health problems, but it put the pinch on the rest of us by effectively reducing coverage with increased costs and deductibles.  

With the open enrollment deadline rapidly approaching I decided to put together a lunch & learn to help people overcome open enrollment overwhelm.

  • Review insurance alternatives - not all plans are on the exchange
  • Get answers about the real cost of coverage (premiums vs. out of pocket, deductibles, & co-pays)
  • Learn how to compare coverage to find the best plan for you

This is not a sales event.

I'm a writer.  I don't sell insurance and I'm not an insurance expert, so I invited my good friend Tim Hirsch, from human resource solutions provider Planstin to present an outline of insurance options and answer questions.

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Weekly Roundup


By Pat Hammond

You snooze, you lose...

I'm a proactive person. My usual modus operandi is to make a plan, commit, and take action.  Only this time I didn't. 

I really wanted to go to Tuesday's Leadership Under Pressure event at the Currier to hear Rick Kaiser, network and introduce myself to some of the other attendees. If I played my cards right, the people I met would springboard the re-brand of NH Business Guild and introduce me to several of Manchester's A-list business connections. 

It could have been a win-win.  But I lost. 

Instead of hearing Kaiser's talk I'm searching the web for interviews and articles featuring his insights and experience with leadership and I'm scrolling through my address book to find connections who may know someone who can introduce me to someone who knows some of the people I wanted to meet. 

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