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By Pat Hammond

Changes to Weekly Roundup

There is no doubt that the Weekly Roundup is Queen City Buzz's most popular resource. The problem is that even when I limit it to just the Manchester metro area it takes me an entire day, sometimes a day and a half, to research and write. 

Imagine losing almost a quarter of your work week to something that doesn't generate revenue. It's not sustainable. 

I had already talked with Manchester Ink Link about doing a monthly roundup featuring two or three key events, but that leaves a lot of networking opportunities on the table. 

So starting next week I'm going to try a new format. Instead of me spending an entire day trying to find events, I'm asking you to share your events with me. 

The deadline is 5:00 PM every Wednesday and all you need to do is email me at or fill out this event form

This is very much a work in progress.

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